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Malaga Urban Lab is an essential component of the Center for the Management of Excellence in Innovation and Competitiveness in SMEs. It enables entrepreneurs, professionals and companies that operate directly or indirectly in our city to access advanced technological infrastructure resources. It also offers a specially prepared physical and logical environment for producing prototypes and conducting validation testing of new products and/or services that are designed for use in the context of a smart city.

In the urban laboratory's virtual space you can request permission for your project to use the UrbanLab. The only requirement is that your project be focused on solutions that meet needs in the field of smart cities. The UrbanLab Technical Office, whose mission is to guide and resolve any questions you may have, will be available to you.

You can also access the UrbanLab project portfolio and consult the prototypes and tests in progress in the urban laboratory, even if you are simply interested in learning about these matters.

Another interesting feature of the Malaga UrbanLab virtual space is the resource register provided by the city of Malaga for tests and validations; this includes a location map and resource catalogue, which is continually updated.

Access the Malaga UrbanLab by clicking the link below. It will open in a new tab in your browser.

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