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Demonstration center

The Smart City and Ubiquitous Technologies Demonstration Center will facilitate the immersion of society and business in this type of technology. This Demonstration Center, which is being installed in the old Tabacalera building, aims to combine business with outreach, offering a fully operational environment for end-client testing, comparison and evaluation of technology solutions produced in Malaga, through demonstration spaces. To achieve this end it will make use of two showrooms, several laboratories and a co-working area.

The Demonstration Center will give controlled access to the city's intelligent management systems, as well as its technological infrastructure, so that companies can meet and test these systems and experiment with new solutions in a real environment.

Demonstration Centers arise from an initiative undertaken by the Ministry of Industry and Energy, following which centers of this kind have been created in most regions. The line of expertise in the Malaga Demonstration Center is centered on the field of Smart Cities, Digital Content and ubiquitous technologies. These are three crucial areas of performance in technological development affecting everything related to the Internet of Things and mobile devices, as well as for the importance of the content delivered.

The start-up of this important initiative for the Malaga innovation ecosystem means people will shortly be able to access from here the services provided by the Malaga Demonstration Center. If you want to be notified when this link goes live, please send an email to info with the subject "Notify me of SCUT" and you'll receive timely notification.

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