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Open Data

Open Data is part of the European Community's Smart Cities strategy. Basically, this means progressively implementing the practice of generating information sources, specifically data, which are open to the public and above all, which can be downloaded by any company, professional individual or citizen, and used for any purpose.

The City of Malaga is committed to providing data sets that may be useful to our citizens. To this end, the City has initiated its own Open Data environment, generating data sources in its public open data portal. You can even send an e-mail to requesting data that you would like the City Council to publish in the future.

However, since publishing data has costs associated with locating it, updating it and perhaps providing automatic data capture applications, it would be useful if the request included an explanation as to why the data set would be useful to the City. In addition to e-mail, data can be requested through Twitter using the hashtag #malagaopendata

Access the Malaga Open Data portal by clicking the link below. It will open in a new tab in your browser.

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